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A Little Info About Me

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A Little Info About Me

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Let me introduce myself a little bit:

My name is Anna and I’m a Medical Massage Therapist. In connection with my profession, I love everything that has to do with Health, Wellness, and Fitness and I spend a big part of my time educating myself, teaching, or simply living by the principles I talk about.

I believe in a holistic approach to health. If you don’t know what that means, holistic health is simply the idea that the Mind, the Body, and the Soul/Spirit are involved to be an all-around healthy person.

Through personal experience, I can say that if one of these aspects is suffering, nothing you can do about the other two will make you feel wholly well.

My mission is to help people reach an equilibrium where they feel well in every aspect of their life.

I’m also a Trauma-Informed Healer and help people to release their trauma (or PTSD) through various techniques, like Inner-Child Healing, Reparenting, Mindfulness & Meditative Techniques, Nervous System Regulation, and Somatic Experiencing.

Issues I might be able to help you with include Heartbreak Recovery, Abandonment Wounds, setting Healthy Boundaries, adapting to a Healthier Lifestyle, and Finding Love in yourself and the world.

Contact me! :)

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